Wednesday, February 29, 2012



I am Leasie Loo

I am leaving my professional career, family, car, and everything familiar behind in Toronto to embark on a year-long search for adventure and inspiration in Australia and New Zeland.

Why now?
I caught the travel bug after running in the Great Wall Marathon, China. 

7 months later…having completed college, university, worked FT 2 years, and turned 25, I felt a year of travel was well deserved.

Why leave for a year?

To pursue one’s personal legend.
“It is we who nourish the Soul of the World and it will become better or worse as we become better or worse.”
-  From the Alchemist


1.     Negativity:
As we grow into adulthood the negative noises also grows. Do not let the negative noises drown your passions or personal legend.

2.     Love:
Despite knowing our passions, leaving the ones we love, who rely on us behind that they wish us well. They want us to realize our personal legends.

3.     Fear of Failure:
We will encounter failure along the way and it may look like we won’t succeed. Be patient. Even an indirect route can get you to your destination. 

4.     Guilt of Success:
Many who pursue their personal legend will stop just short of realizing it because, who are they to realize their dream when so many they know don’t . Believe yourself worthy of your success.

My aspirations:

1.     Freedom
2.     Not having my career become my identity
3.     Living out of a backpack
4.     Expanding my horizons (mind, body and spirit)
5.     Independence and self-confidence
Enjoy life!