Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Opera House

Arrived in Sydney!
My first impression...everyone talks funny and the city street are mixed up due to the left side driving.

Central Station - View from my room
I walked around town exploring the first few days. It felt surreal to be in Sydney. My surroundings were very similar to Toronto with a few exceptions. Vehicles driving on the left side of the road, lots of Asians, and different shops. The feeling of not knowing where I am and touring around made each and every foot step even more exciting...similar to Thomas Cook.

Harbour Bridge
First Night in a Hostel
Got my key and went to my room. Before opening the door, I paused. Who and what will be on the other side? It was scary. The next morning my roommate asked if we had heard her snoring and we said no. And she mentioned that she heard someone laughing. I didn't hear anything again. But my second roommate sad she heard me laughing in my sleep. haha. I thought that was hilarious and laughed out loud. They said it was the exact same laugh.  

Opera Bar
On my second night, I met up with a friend who studies at University of Sydney. We went to the Opera Bar, located at the Opera House. The Opera Bar has to be the best bar in the world as you can sit back an enjoy the Harbor Bridge and Opera House together.

The first few days I spent on my own. While staying at a hostel, you get to meet the world under one roof. The most popular question asked is "Where are you from?". Having met an American made life a little more homely. We took a day trip to Bondi Beach and hiked around the coast.
Wearing my Team Canada Shirt - Thanks Genny

It was not until, I met 21 year old girl from Vancouver during dinner that I felt like can better relate to someone even more so because we are Canadian. I have come across plenty of people from all over the world and most of them don't compare to Canadians in their mannerism. I now can say that I proud to be Canadian.

Everyone runs here! There is a running trail through the Botanical gardens to the Opera House. While visiting, I saw huge swarms of runners, as if there was a event taking place. Everywhere! I am thrilled as a Kinesiologist to be in a super athletic country!

Queen Victoria Building

Week #1
You find yourself overwhelmed with new faces, places, and lifestyle. Everything stands out more because you are not in your comfort zone and don't have the same daily reminders of where you are because there is so much change. 

Remember that saying, "the people around you shape who you are"? Well it is true. Who you spend your time with is a reflection of yourself. Not having your family and friends around, you have to depend on yourself and your judgement of your surroundings.


I have noticed that the decision making in Canada was a lot easier than living abroad. Living in Sydney, I feel like I have to relect upon everything I have learned in school and life and apply it.
For example, I must take my time to research my options, ask others, and then decide.  

Tower Eye

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Departure # 3
Nadi, Fiji

I departed from LAX for a 10 hour flight to Fiji. Once I settled in my seat, I took a gravel, put on my night shades, neck rest and blanket. Later, I woke up to an announcement that we would be arriving in Fiji in 2 hours. The passengers next to me told me I looked like I had a good sleep. 

Upon arrival to Fiji, 3 male musicians welcomed visitors with joyful music. 6am in the morning and 3 hours to go before I check back in at the airport. Time to explore Nadi!

Toured by taxi.

Unfortunately, I didn't do my research and asked him to drive me anywhere beautiful. Not the best decision to make. 

The driver took me to an island shaped as a foot.  

A village where the first Chief settled. The villagers walked barefoot.
Bought a necklace from a young lady.

Sleeping Giant Garden

The exchange rate was favorable $1CDN - 1.67 FJ.
In the future, I would really look forward to visiting the islands and beaches. 


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Los Angeles, CA

Departure #3
Los Angeles, CA

Update: My rogers email account closed and lost all of my contacts. 
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Pepperdine University in Malibu

Los Angeles was non-stop fun filled with plenty of road trips to many famous places. Also, toured the Starbucks Coffee shops as we stopped for Starbucks in every town we visited.

* Rancho Palos Verdes                               
* Redondo Beach Cafe - Watched the Stanley Cup playoffs at a Greek/Quebec/Canadian Restaurant
* Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
* Pride Parade - Passed through post-parade
* Hollywood Sign and Boulevard
* Beaches: Manhattan, Hermosa, Laguna, Venice, Newport, Malibu
* Fly Studios - Aerial Arts (2 classes)
* The J. Paul Getty Museum - Herb Ritts "L.A. Style" Exhibit
* Pepperdine University - Resort like campus on the hills over looking Malibu beach
* Balboa Island, Newport
* True Food Kitchen - The best green restaurant ever!

Rodeo Dr
Rancho Palos Verdes

More Pictures


Hollywood Sign


Paul Getty Museum

Fly Studio

More Pictures
Balboa Island
Venice Beach

Medical Marijuana Doctors

Lunch in Beverly Hills
Starbucks Tour

More Pictures

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vancouver, BC

Departure #2 
Vancouver, BC

More photos:

Stanley Park
10% larger than New York's Central Park. 

Lions Gate Bridge
Boat Tours - False Creek
After many days of rain and clouds, the sun shined through!

2010 Winter Olympic Flames

Last night in Canada with my roommate of 2 years. Cheers!

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver's Peak
 4,000 ft and 2.9 km.
'Mother Nature's Stairmaster'
Hiked Grouse Grind for 1hr 45mins.

More photos:

I like...

The Canadian

Toronto to Vancouver

"The Canadian" in Winnipeg
Toured the city of Winnipeg by foot in under an hour.

My travel companion

The first night sleeping on the train felt like I was sleeping in a high speed car chase. The train must have been speeding up during the evenings, because I felt like I was going to fall off my bunk bed. After the first day, I got more comfortable living with the train's movement. 

Many of the travelers on board were seniors, and retired couples. I was asked if my grandmother brought me along, and they were surprised to learn that I invited her. 

Ontario was filled with lushes green trees and lakes. In Saskatchewan, the grass was replaced yellow hay and flat for miles. Alberta had a combination of landscapes from flat green rolling hills to mountains.  

British Columbia


MORE Pictures at 

The food was exceptional!

 I would take the train again just for the food. Each day had a new menu. Some of the dishes were lamb, duck, Angus burger, here for the menu description.

 My train experience went by quicker than I imagined. I met people from all over the world. One couple mentioned that they were looking forward to traveling across Canada for 10 years. I would highly recommend taking the Via Rail, especially from Alberta to British Columbia.