Monday, August 27, 2012

Month #2

Completed the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon :)

Traveling with out plans or having the freedom to rearrange your itinerary makes up for quite the adventure. While touring the east coast of Australia, my 3 day stop over in Noosa has turned into 7 weeks. I have had the opportunity to work for my accommodation in the restaurant (free dinner) and as a bus driver.

Bus station-Picking up backpackers

A bus driver?? I thought my dream would never come true! Slight problem...I don't know how to drive a manual, on the left side of the road with up to 10 backpackers at one time. But I am over 21 years old which was the only requirement.Within 1 week, after driving on the left side of the road, stalling multiple times, and getting better at using round a bouts, I mastered the the roads of Australia!

Wendy and I at Noosa National Park

 While looking for a job, I met Wendy, a Health and Wellness coach who runs a Nutrition Club in Noosaville. I decided to join Wendy's team as a distributor which would allow me to promote high quality the nutrition of my future personal training clients. As well, enhance my athletic performance for running marathons.The results have been outstanding, I have lost 4lbs and 4% body fat in one month and feel more energized.

By knowing Wendy, I found a Hillsong Church located right across the street from my hostel, aka "Rock Band" church. Through the church, I met some awesome Aussies. Together we rock on at church on Sunday mornings, head to the beach, bbq, and party. I have been lucky to meet some amazing people through them and experience places outside the backpacker world with them. For example, Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort, where I got to visit a million dollar home on the golf course.

I met Tracey through Hillsong Church. Tracey is Australian and was raised by Italian and British parents. Like myself, she also did a Work 'n Holiday in England for 2 years where she worked as a Physiotherapy Assistant in Long Term Care. How cool is that? How did I find someone which such similar life experience and with a European background! Tracey has been such a great friend to me and welcoming to Australia, that one day I would like to do the same for her when she visits Canada. 

Laura, Hannah and Elise
Laura - Estonia
Hannah - Germany
My besties! Laura, Hannah and I have been living together for the past month. We sleep, eat, work for our accommodation, and party together. We have become so close as friends because we are in each others faces 24/7. Together we have found a common ground which we can feel a sense of self and care for one another. We experience all types of emotions together, the highs and the lows and help each other overcome obstacles and share our happiness. We entered the hostel as strangers and leave as family/friends truly. How cool is it that people from all over the world unite and want to experience the similar things or places?

Laura cutting Tracey's Hair for $5 and strawberries