Sunday, October 28, 2012

East Coast #2

4 days
Dive, hike, jump and fly

Ocean Freedom Cruise
Scuba dive and Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

 I met Karen (Middle, England) at Fraser Island and bumpt into her again in Cairns. We had the same scuba dive cruise booked.

Cape Tribulation
The only place where 2 World Heritage sites exist side by side: The Daintree Rainforest (Ancient) and The Great Barrier Reef.


I met Alina (Germany) during the Cape Tribulation day trip. She was on the Ocean Freedom cruise the day before with me, the next day same bungy jump time, and flight to Brisbane. We were both surprised by how similar our itineraries were.
 The great thing about traveling the East Coast is you are most likely to see friends you met in the last town again traveling in the same direction.

A native Australian explaining his lifestyle in the rainforest. He also showed us his tools made of trees and rocks.

Bungy Jump
A.J. Hackett
14 Floors
Ocean view
1 Breath taking jump

As I leaped forward, I had about 3 seconds of air time, floating in the sky until gravity pulled me down.

The scariest part was walking up the stairs and looking down. Jumping was easy, you just let the bungy cord do its job.
Advice: Don't look down and pretend you are going to dive in to a pool.

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